35 bakes of summer 2022 photo gallery!!

I baked 35 things!!! Technically, I even finished before September, and I only started June 18th when school got out. That’s 75 days, and 35 bakes. I’m pretty proud of myself, even though I defintely knew I was cabable of doing this when I started. I spent a lot of this summer just sitting in the kitchen in the weird zone I get in when I bake, as well as arguing with my parents on whether to bake something small and savory or an entire cake/batch of cupcakes. My favorite bakes were probably the 35th (cake), the strawberry shortcake, the croissants, and the mini muffins. Also, even though I didn’t really try for a lot of the photography some of the photos did come out really well.

This gallery thing includes the simple descriptions of each bake, and a link to a post or reel on my Instagram if you want to see more information! And before I start, I have to say thank you so so SO much for being a part of this community, it’s absolutely crazy that over 400 people care about me baking. Also, I feel really bad that I wasn’t able to make a summer recipe this year, but there will most defintely be a fall one, and after a bit of a break for back to school I’ll try to be just as active as I was this summer! I hope that this post gives you some baking inspiration, and of course if you want the recipes for any of these bakes just leave a comment (even though I don’t think anyone other than my mom has ever commented on here…) OKAY, lets just get into it, here’s a photo gallery of everything I baked this summer!!

1: Strawberry Ruhbarb Poptarts (post)

2: Sourdough Crackers

3: Strawberry Shortcake <3

4: Foccacia (first attempt ever)

5: Cinnamon Roll Chocolate Chip Cookies (baked with a friend!)

6: Black n’ White (NYC) Cookies (Also with friends, it was July 4th which is why there’s the flag)

7: Anna (baking friend)’s Chocolate Raspberry Baked Oats

8: Banana Cream Pie (Post and Reel)

9: Pretzel Foccacia (foccacia dough with baking soda solution so the top tastes like pretzels!!)

10: Strawberry Cheesecake (Post)

11: Blueberry Corriander Muffins

12: Orange (and a bit of chocolate) cupcakes (post)

13: Macaroons!

14: Brownies (my dad squished them while they were cooling and they looked very messy)


16: Potato Rosemary Rolls

17: Happier Than Ever Chocolate Strawberry Cake (Post and Recipe!)

18: Apricot Upside-Down Cake

19: Croissants (these and the next 2 bakes were for my mid-summer treatboxes! Check out this reel that I’m really proud of, and/or this post if you want to see how those bakes went!)

20: Strawberry Cookies

21: Chocolate Chip Banana Mini Muffins (again)

22: Chocolate Babka (post and reel)

23: Cherry Turnovers (I made these as well as the next bake for a party my mom had, so the photos were rushed)

24: Brownies (again)

25: Blackberry Cobbler (I made this at a camp, as well as the coconut vanilla ice cream)

26: Jam Muffins (post)

27: Key Lime Pie!! (post)

28: Gluten free Chocolate Cupcakes

29: Emma (baking friend)’s Oat Walnut Cookies (Recipe and Reel)

30: Croissants (just like last year, remember? Reel)

31: Blackberry Crumble/ Cobbler (at the same time!)

32: Chocolate Mint Cupcakes (mint plant in the backround)

33: Cinnamon Baked Donuts

34: Peach pie!!

35: Passion Fruit Curd and Mango Ice Cream Cake!! (post with a sweet caption)

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