Happy 2 years, YVB!! Some photos and a recap:

I started this blog 2 whole years ago?!?! Gosh. I can’t even believe how wonderful everything about having this community has been, from the end of 2020 when it was so small but I was so motivated, to 2021 where I started bonding with lots of people online, and 2022, where so much has happened. This post will list some of the big baking acheivements I’ve had each month this year, and some plans for the future, but first here’s a cute photo dump of some great bakes and cool moments:

I feel like those photos are the epitome of this wonderful blog, and they don’t even cover all of it. But, as for the rest of my life, high school has taken over and I’m so sorry I haven’t been blogging. I’ve been busy with friends, gift stress, and so much baking but little motivation to post about it. It’s strange that it’s almost the end of the year, one that for me has been up and down. But here’s my 2022 recap of the main baking things I accomplished this year and links to all the recipes!

January: My first 2 tiered cake, a drinking chocolate recipe!!

February: Developed a cherry turnovers recipe for valentines day, made my own birthday cake

March: Spring recipe!!

April: Guess this month was pretty uneventful, I hit 300 followers though..?!

May: Treat boxes for the first time ever!

June: 6 layer rainbow cake (for pride month!) (which caused me to become friends with @eviebakes_ who I’d been a fan of for so long), started off my 35 bakes of summer.

July: The majority of my 35 bakes was this month! There was a few weeks where I baked something every single day…. my second round of treat boxes, also Billie Eilish’s chocolate cake recipe!

August: Got to 400 on Instagram, Finished my 35 bakes on the exact last day of August!

September: Fall recipe!

October: Catered a bday party with baking 50 cupcakes, and a reel I made, assembling cinnamon rolls with long nails on, BLEW UP and got more than 40k views!?!?!

November: another uneventful month, this one was full of angst for me cause October was a lot so I didn’t do very much baking 🙁

December: 500 INSTA PEOPLE, and I haven’t put this on my blog yet, but I HAD ANOTHER BAKE SALE!!!! Twice as big as last year, and in the midst of school, but I actually pulled it off and it ended up very successful!!

It’s really cool to look at all those written down, I’m a big believer in going over accomplishments at the end of the year, especially since the end of the year is also this blog’s anniversary it’s very cool to look at how much has happened. As for updates, I changed my Instagram handle to @corasveganbakes, because I wanted to rebrand a little bit but I’m too attached to Yummy Vegan Bakes to change the blog or buisness, so for now i’ll just have both in different places. And, I’ve been thinking a lot about having a treat box subscription in 2023, and I finally started some of the steps to get that happening!! I’m just going to say more on it soon, as I have many times before, but this is officially something that will happen because I want baking to be as close to my first job as I can so I’m just going to make it happen!!

I’d love if you read the post I made for this blog’s anniversary on my Instagram, I got pretty deep which I’ll try not to do here, basically just thank you, so much, to this blog and to the baking community and to whoever first decided that throwing together flour and sugar and sticking it in heat was fun, because my passion has only grown since I started and I can’t wait to see where else I can go.

As for more personal thank yous, which I feel more comfortable doing in a blog because these people are more likely to be the ones reading this, to the wonderful people who I get to call my online baking besties, most of you who live in different countries, who I’ve had calls with or long rants about our lives, who comment on all my stuff and boost my confidence all the time, I LOVE YOU, to my parents and little brother for eating all my food, to Talia (start a baking account already) and to Freya (this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for you), to Sofia, and to everyone who’s supported me and enjoyed my bakes, you’re all really great, thank you. <3

I’m going to end this blogpost now, it ended up pretty long, as for baking this was just an amazing year, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE COOLEST THING I’VE EVER MADE, thanks for reading!!!!

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  1. Alanna

    I love this post! It’s such a great practice to review your achievements, and you have SO MANY to be proud of. You’ve come a long way in the past 2 years and I can’t wait to see your baking skills grow even more in 2023!

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