Balancing Baking, Blogging, and Life: Tips

Hi everyone! It’s March, and I haven’t posted a blogpost for a while, so I wanted to make a post where I share some of the things that have helped me balance this blog and Instagram and school/other parts of life! If you have a blog or are thinking of starting one (do it!!) no matter what it’s about, I hope these tips help or are interesting to you!

I’ve had this blog since I was only 12 (I actually started it because I read a book about a girl who had a blog all through her teen years, and so far so good!), and there have been lots of times where I was more and less invested and active. Maybe I’m not the best person for this post because technically right now I’m trying to get myself back into blogging more consistently, but these are my tips for keeping a small (baking) blog and Instagram.


I’ve always been a very organized person who needs to write things down before I do them, and since I started this blog, the notebook I got late 2020 has almost been filled. I mostly use it to draft recipes and brainstorm blogposts, but I also have lots of to-do lists and lists that I made on days where I decided I’d turn my life around totally unrelated to blogging. I don’t have a traditional planner, but sometimes I draw calendars myself and that’s very helpful too. If you don’t like writing things down that’s okay, maybe making mental to-do lists could help you. I feel like writing down and planning things makes it much easier to put Instagram and blogging out of your head for a few days because you know that you know what you are doing.


There’s just something about Instagram that makes it feel like you have to post every single thing you make, and everything you post has to be perfect, and I feel like that just shouldn’t exist. I love baking so much, and sweet comments make me way too happy, but that pressure makes me so hard on myself (the cake isn’t PRETTY enough!!) So it’s good to just take a break from it and bake something just for my family or myself. Baking is really about creating something to enjoy on your own terms, so if you do have a baking Instagram I’d say it’s up to you but don’t let that pressure get to you! Also, whether you like to bake or not, everyone should bake something for yourself sometime! 🙂


I already kind of talked about this above, and it’s part of the title of the post, but probably the most important way to balance school and life with blogging is to have certain days for each. School this year has really taken over my life (unlike last year when I could just write a blogpost while in a school Zoom call), so usually what I try to do is put my blog out of my mind during the week and focus on schoolwork and other parts of life, and then when it gets to Saturday I plan things or write posts or just bake something to get myself back in the groove of it all.

This post ended up being very short, but there’s definitely new things coming soon, and I can’t wait to start making blogposts a little more constantly! Thanks for reading, and see you next time!!

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