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Baking In Quarantine and more about us!

We’ve been baking a lot ever since March when the Covid-19 quarantine started. It has been very satisfying when we can bake something after a long day because we can have family time and share things that we made with the people we care about. It doesn’t even have to be with other people. Baking can be just for you, a time to calm down and get something very rewarding out of it.

I have been vegan since I was born, and even though my best friend and co-author isn’t, the two of us have been baking together a lot this year, making our foods vegan for me. This website and blog isn’t just supposed to be for vegans only, even though all of our recipes will be vegan, this blog is for anyone who loves to bake and wants to practice self care in the best way, delicious food. 

Baking in quarantine, especially vegan baking in quarantine, might sound harder than it actually is. It is hard to make the time to bake, with all of these zoom calls and screens. Honestly, it is probably just because it is so hard to get motivation to do anything when you have been trapped in your house for almost all of 2020. I love to bake, but I definitely know how much easier it is to just eat. On this blog we will have tons of homemade vegan recipes, from the simple to the more complicated. We’ll have our own new and original flavor combinations in baked goods and and vegan versions of more modern foods, like our newest obsession, making and tasting vegan chocolate truffles. We are hoping that this website will help you bake more, or just educate you on veganism and making your own food. 

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