Hi everyone! Its been a while! My blogging schedule is so inconsistent, but oh well. I wanted to make this post be some more information about me, life updates, and a Q&A from Instagram, because Q&A’s are fun, and I barely do them, and YummyVeganBakes has been growing a lot lately!

First of all, while I’m writing this, the whole rest of my family has Covid. I’ve been testing every day, and I’m still negative, so I’m just trapped in my room and it really sucks being the only person in the house who isn’t sick. Anyway, stay safe everyone, when Omicron died down everyone stopped talking about it and it really felt like Covid had stopped but theres a new wave around here that everyone is getting. Besides that, some other stuff happening in my life soon are summer break, which is starting after only 3 more weeks of school, and then high school, which is so scary but exciting. I’m also going to bake 35 things this summer, which’ll be fun. Oh and happy almost pride month <3

Okay now for the questions!!!

Q: Favorite things to make? A: Ach theres so many! The long list of my favorite things to bake includes: chunky chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, croissants, pretzels, anything lemon or strawberry, (or chocolate obviously), and cinnamon rolls. For things I like making that are food but not bakes, truffles, and most breakfast foods (like fancy toast and smoothies and chia pudding!)

Q: Least fav vegan foods? A: Hmmm well a lot of vegan food I love, but I’m not the biggest quinoa bowl kale salad type of vegan, and some vegan meat substitutes are just weird (I had a vegan sloppy joe and it was pretty bad and just so strange) So either the really healthy stuff or the meat substitutes that are just a little to much like meat would be my least favorites.

Q: How often do you try to bake? A: I bake constantly. It’s been a while since I last baked right now, because of the Covid in our house (I want to bake so bad but leaving my room risks getting sick it’s so annoying!) But on average, I bake every Wednesday because that’s a shorter school day, and at least once every weekend. I never said anything on my blog about it, but I made treat boxes recently, which was a ton of baking, and then I made a few birthday cakes (may is a very popular b-day month!) So yeah, I bake so much and our house is usually filled up with things I make, but I’m starting to try to sell and give away my stuff more!

Q: Hobbies? A: Besides baking, my biggest hobbies are writing and reading! I really want to write a novel someday, as well as a vegan baking cookbook obviously, but just writing stories for fun I love so much. I also love reading to just escape into other worlds. Besides obsessions with shows and books and how fun it is to make baking content, I don’t really have that many other hobbies, so I guess I really need to find some more, and try to get into cooking and stuff, maybe this summer?

Q: Most troublesome things about vegan baking? A: This is a good question! I really don’t find a ton of struggles with vegan baking, even though everyone says it’s supposed to be very hard, egg wise i’ve never had any problems, but for some reason vegan butter, especailly buttercream has been SO hard to succeed with. There’s something about vegan butter that usually ends up with kind of curdled or clumpy frosting. Plus, on Instagram there is a very big trend of fluffy Swiss meringue buttercream, but I’ve learned that making that vegan is almost impossible. Luckily though I finally mastered vegan American buttercream, and sometime soon I’ll definitely make a recipe for it.

I’m hopefully going to make some more treat boxes next month (YAYY) so check out my Instagram for updates! Sorry my blog lately has been practically dying, and this post is dramatically boring, but like I keep saying, when summer starts I’ll develop some more recipes, and bake and bake and bake and hopefully be a little more interesting. Thank you so much for reading!!!

– Cora

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  1. Alanna

    This was such a fun post! Not boring at all. I loved reading the Q&A and am excited to see what you bake this summer!

    1. Cora Lee

      Thank you so much Alanna!!

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