Meet the Baker Blogpost and More About Me!!

Hi!!! I decided that for today’s (probably pretty short) blogpost, I’ll introduce myself, so you can meet the person behind the bakes, blog, and recipes, and learn more about me!

To start off, my name is Cora, (you can find me on instagram @cora_lee_3) and I’m 13 years old, going into 8th grade after summer. I am starting this blog pretty young, but I want it to be something that I can keep with me as I get older and grow up, especially through being a teenager. Here is a photo of me and the mint chocolate cupcakes I made on Wednesday (my 8th bake this summer)!

I use she/her pronouns, I’m a Pisces, and I’m slightly introverted and slightly crazy, depending on who I’m around. Some things that I love to do include baking (obviously), reading YA novels, writing (blogposts and recipes and stories), and being organized.

I have a perfect, amazing, and extremely foodie family, with my mom, who is an amazing writer AND vegan chef/baker, my dad, also an incredible vegan chef, and my little brother Dez, who loves to experiment with fancy treats and noodle dishes.

I also wanted to talk a little bit about my best friend Freya in this blogpost because originally, she was actually going to make this blog with me. She isn’t vegan, but we bake together a lot, and she helped me set up the website and was on the about us page and everything, but then I took her off of the blog all together because it was kind of spontaneous thing when I asked if she could do it too, so it became really hard for us to do it together when we couldn’t see each other that much and make a whole blog together and it only became me writing the blogposts. BUUUUT, we are still best friends, and we are going to bake so much together this summer.

Besides my bestie forever Freya, I have my best friends Kalina and Emilia, who like to bake with me (but we are long distance so we can only bake when we are together) (check out this reel we made together on the 4th of July, and read the caption to learn more about us!) I also have my best friend Sofia (Sofi <3) who is also a baker girl, and baked some peach cobbler with me virtually at the beggining of summer (baking virtually is actually extremely fun) still though, I can’t wait to see you in person now Sofi and bake together!

Now I have to talk about my vegan story and why I’m vegan! I’ll keep this short because I think I might make a whole other blogpost where I talk about this, but I have been vegan since I was born (my parents went vegan in their 20’s) and I’m the only person in my family who’s never tried meat (because of an accident from tiny Dez but I still like to rub it in) (we both acidentally tried fish though that was a sad day) I’m vegan because I don’t want to eat animals bassically, and I want to protect them and help save the planet.

I’ve been baking with my family for my whole life, but it was very simple things and kind of rarely during my childhood. My whole passion started at the beginning of quarantine, when I started to scroll on Pinterest a lot and found some good looking vegan recipes that I wanted to try. I baked them, loved it, and started baking more and more. I made tons of cupcakes during summer 2020 and got Chloe Cosscarelli’s dessert cookbook for Christmas 2020, and my passion seriously grew. A while later, I read a book where the main character had a blog, and her blog got kind of famous and got her cool oportunities, so I got really excited and mentioned getting a blog to my mom, who said it would be pretty easy and told me to make a name and she’d get it for me. I talked with Freya and decided “obviously a vegan baking blog” and chose yummyveganbakes as the name. And now we’re here!!!

YVB has come a long way, and I’m really proud of what this blog and tiny community is turning into, so anyone who is reading this, thank you so much for being here, and I can’t wait to watch yummyveganbakes grow!!!

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