Fran’s Chocolate Shop’s Vegan Chocolates Review!

Happy Easter! For my #veganeaster bake this year, I made some vegan lemon thyme tea cookies from Chloe Coscarelli’s cookbook, which you can see on my Instagram or Pinterest! (and yes, I love her so much). When I posted it on Instagram, I realized that 4 out of 6 of my posts were flavored lemon (strawberry lemonade bundt cake, lemon olive oil truffles, lemon olive oil bundt cake, and now the lemon thyme tea cookies…) At least it is clear what my favorite ingredient to bake with is…

Anyways, I’m going to be doing something a little different than usual for this blogpost: reviewing vegan chocolates from the chocolate shop Fran’s!!! If you know me, you know that I LOVE chocolate, and that someday, I want to open my own all vegan chocolate shop. Fran’s isn’t all vegan, but it recently started making some vegan chocolates, and with me and my family’s obsession with chocolate and need for some Easter chocolate, we went there and decided to buy some of pretty much all of their vegan chocolate!!

We went to the Georgetown location, but they have some more around Seattle. It was a beautiful brick building with a little courtyard near its door, and on the inside, even though we couldn’t go everywhere because of covid restrictions, it was amazing too. There was a decorative spiral staircase that led up to the ceiling and lots of huge flowerpots. If you enjoy chocolate and beautiful architecture, Fran’s is your place.

Like I said earlier, once we saw all of the vegan things they sold there, we decided to buy pretty much all of it. So, here are my official Fran’s vegan chocolates reviews!

Here are all the things we bought! A big chocolate bunny, two little bunnies (Easter chocolates!!!) some mint thins, chocolate covered ginger in the big box, chocolate covered almonds in the little box, and chocolate nibs in the other little box (I’m eating them while I write this…)

For the bunnies, they had such a great chocolate flavor, and an adorable shape too. The chocolate covered ginger was so good too, It had a perfect gingery spice, so if you love ginger this is your chocolate! The mint chocolate was perfect and satisfying, and I could probably eat all of the little chocolate thins right now if I could. The chocolate covered almonds had a yummy texture, and my absolute favorite of everything that we bought is probably the chocolate nibs, I just love the crunch! They are little cocoa nibs (or something, I do’t know how this genius happened) with some chocolate around them that you can scoop up by the handful. YUM! I would completely recommend Fran’s chocolates if you live near one, and I hope that you have a great Easter!

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