What I’ve been baking recently

The past few weeks have been full of a LOT of stress baking (and boredom baking) so that whenever we need something sweet we’ll have something that we can feast on.

Since I’m using this blog to document my yummy vegan bakes, I decided that occasionally I’m going to make posts like this, where I keep track of the things that I’ve made for the future.

The recipes in this blog were all from cookbooks and not at all original, but if you are interested in any of these recipes or flavor combinations, just comment and I would LOVE to try to make my own spin on any of these. And now for the bakes!!!!

Lemon olive oil bundt cake!!!

I got a cookbook by the vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli recently, so most of the recipes in this blogpost are me trying out the recipes in her cookbook. The cookbook, Chloe’s Vegan Desserts, is really amazing and has some great recipes, this being one of them.

I haven’t made very many bundt cakes in my life, but this flavor combination was just too good. It was sweet but savory, and so rich but also really light. We ate it with frozen strawberries (it would have been really good with fresh strawberries too, but that was all we had).

If you follow us on instagram, you may have already seen this, but if you haven’t, you can here! This recipe was really easy, and baking with olive oil was also completely new to me before this, but now I know that it adds a nice rich flavor.

Coconut cream pie!!!

This recipe, also from Chloe’s Vegan Desserts, is an amazing, airy dessert for anyone who loves coconut. It has a coconut pudding base (I added some lemon to it for extra flavor), coconut whipped cream on top, and is garnished with toasted coconut. Sooooo good.

For anyone who wants a vegan friendly version of whipped cream to top everything, I am going to put out a recipe soon for a really simple vegan coconut whipped cream in a few weeks!

Cinnamon rolls!!

These were cinnamon rolls that we made for the holidays this year, because it is our tradition. I had wanted to make cinnamon rolls a long time before making these, and they were exactly what I had been wanting, and perfect for a special holiday breakfast.

Lemon bars!!!

A lot of the recipes on this list are lemon flavored, but none as classic as lemon bars! These were also from Chloe Coscarelli, with a delectable shortbread crust and a sweet and sour lemon pudding on top.

Vegan chocolates!!

Vegan truffle and filled chocolate making has become a frequent hobby in my house. The top photos show filled chocolates that we made with chocolate molds and surrounded tempered vegan chocolate around an “invented” (more like experimental) filling with flavors that we chose. The second picture is another lemon olive oil flavored dessert, except that it is in a traditional truffle form this time. It is rich, savory and super good! Soon I know that there will be a lot more vegan chocolate recipes on this blog because they are pretty easy, so yummy, and so fun!

Like I said at the beginning, if you want any of the recipes for these vegan decadent desserts, just comment and I would love to make a blogpost about it!!

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  1. Brett Boynton

    Thanks for this tantalizing post! Nice photos… that truffle looks especially beautiful. As someone lucky enough to taste your bakes I gotta say the Lemon Olive Oil Bundt was one of the best cakes I’ve ever had

  2. Alanna

    This post is making me drool big-time! I second the comment about the truffle pic–it’s so beautiful! YUMMMMM

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