My Favorite Vegan Dessert Cookbooks!

Hii! This week, me and my family went on a long road trip so I postponed this post for the week (actually the first time I’ve broken my every two week calendar!) I have been active on Instagram, I made some new really sweet online friends, and I even joined my first baking collabs, which I am SO excited for. YummyVeganBakes has already gotten me some amazing opportunities!

Buuuut, I wanted to step up my blog game, so today I wanted to make a post about some vegan dessert cookbooks that are my immediate go-to when I want to make something. In general, when I want to bake something and I know what it is but don’t have any printed recipes, I’ll use the internet, but I love the real thing so much more. Plus, I wanted to make some recommendations for cookbooks that have really good quality vegan recipes, with amazing flavors but without any weird ingredients or methods.

I have a lot of vegan cookbooks at my house, and some really good ones with amazing baking recipes, but the 3 in this blog are my absolute favorites, and the ones I use all the time and basically depend on. In this blogpost, I’m going to be sharing their names (and websites and such) and the recipes that I’ve made from them. So let’s get started! My top 3 favorite dessert cookbooks!!

1. Chloe’s Vegan Desserts! (and Chloe Flavor!)

I probably use the other cookbooks less than half of how much I bake from Chloe’s Vegan Desserts. When I first got this book (for Christmas 2020 before I got super into baking) I actually opened the present and looked at it and said “Oh! It’s my best friend Chloe!” I was joking then, but Chloe Cosscarelli (you can find her here!) pretty much did become my best friend. I probably wouldn’t even love baking as much if it wasn’t for her and her cookbooks, especially Chloe’s Vegan Desserts.

This book is amazing because it has tons of recipes that are EXTREMELY easy to make, and really yummy, and have seriously never failed me. They also don’t have any strange ingredients (like cashews or tofu). In Chloe Flavor she has lots of beautiful and delicious cooking, like the noodles on the front cover, which me and my brother actually made (yummm). It also has lots of desserts, like chocolate cupcakes with AVOCADO frosting (I’ll add a picture) and other delicious treats. But anyway, if you want to start getting into vegan baking, I HIGHLY reccommend this cookbook. I’ve made like a third of these 100 recipes, and I want to make them all. Some of my favorites are vegan lemon poppyseed muffins and her delicious chocolate chip cookies, both of which I’ve made multiple times.

Here is a gallery of a ton of stuff that I’ve made from this cookbook (the avocado chocolate cupcakes and the lemon blueberry cheesecake are both from Chloe Flavor). If you look at my other reveiws, you’ll be able to tell that I’ve made SO much more recipes from this book than any other cookbook haha

2. Sweet and Salty

Sweet and Salty is an all vegan chocolate cookbook, with tons of truffles and caramels and treats and DELICIOUSNESS. This book is written by Lagusta Yearwood of Lugusta’s Lucious (you can find them here!), the first all vegan chocolate shop, which is on my bucket list of places to go to someday.

I love this book because when you read it, it feels like the author is talking to you and calmly taking you through the steps in a conversation instead of how it is in normal recipes. It has tons of long stories about life and chocolate and such and has the most incredible flavors and flavor combinations, and has tons of recipes for drinking chocolate and other random little chocolate treats as well as tons of truffles and carmels.

The best thing about this book is that Lagusta’s Lucious is extremely devoted to fair trade and ethical chocolate, so in this book I learned a ton about how to be more ethical with chocolate. This book also made me decide that I want to own a chocolate shop someday, and though a bakery is probably more likely, working with chocolate is SO fun, and chocolate is one of my favorite things. Also, making chocolate boxes for friends is like the best gift you could ever give someone, so especially last year around the holidays I used this a ton. I decided I wanted to try caramels, and even though making caramel is supposed to be extremely hard and easy to fail, when I followed these recipes, the caramels came out perfect.

Some of the amazing flavors in this book that I’ve made include maple pecan caramels (the ones with pecans on top), lemon thyme sea salt caramels (the ones with lemon salt on top), pomegranate truffles (the ones with rose petals on top), and peppermint and coconut and chai (the ones with cinnamon) truffles that I made out of the basic chocolate ganache recipe. There’s tons more I want to try, and I recommend this book to anyone who loves chocolate!

Some of the chocolates I’ve made and a box of chocolates I ordered online that were AMAZING:

3. Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World!!!!!

(and its siblings Vegan Pie In The Sky and Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar)

If you like vegan baking and don’t have these three cookbooks, you are missing out! They are the most reliable and delicious essentials for baking vegan, and the recipes are so easy and good. I’ve found that I’ve made the most recipes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, but I’ll add a photo of chocolate raspberry pie I made and chocolate crinkle cookies, from each of the other books. (You can find the authors here and here!) These cookbooks have delicious flavors and are written so that making the recipes is so fun.

The cupcakes on the home page of my blog are chocolate cherry creme cupcakes, and they’re from this cookbook, and I’ve also made cookies and cream, orange pudding , and chocolate mint cupcakes. Besides all the creams and puddings that are paired with cupcakes in this book (which is my favorite thing to do with cupcakes), this book has lots of delicious frostings and toppings too, and they have a long intro where they explain vegan cupcake making. This book also has lots of in depth notes and it’s written so even people with no cupcake experience can make something amazing.

Here are some of the delicious things I’ve made with these three books!!

Summer for me ends on September 1st, and that’s my deadline for my 30 bakes. I just hit 20 but I still have a lot to go, but on September 5th I’ll put out a post with all the things I baked this summer! Thank you so much for reading to the end, I hope that this inspires you to bake more and gives you some ideas for vegan cookbooks!

Have an amazing day!!!!!!

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