Selling bakes, treatboxes pt 2, and baking 35 things!

I’m back!! AGAIN!! School is out, so technically I’m a high schooler now (yay/agh), and though I’ve been very active on my Instagram, blogging has once again become something I almost completely neglect. If you’ve been here since last summer, you’ll remember that I baked 30 total things (go check out the photo gallery) and 30 was definitely a lot. But this summer, I’m…doing more. Only 35! But still. 35 is a ton. It’s almost mid July, and I’ve only just hit 10. OKAY, I can hear you screaming with anxiety for me. But I have until school starts on September 7th, and I have a plan, which I’m going to talk a little bit about in this post!

Back in May, for the first time, I made treat boxes. They had some truffles, cupcakes, pretzels, and cookies. 4 people ordered, and it was a very stressful but fun experience, because for some reason I’d made them the same week as our big tests at school, and I’d obviously given myself so much to do. But it ended up being extremely fun, and everyone who tried them loved them (thank you so so much to those original 4)! Since it’s actually impossible to bake 35 treats for your tiny family of four in such a a small amount of time, especially since the rest of my family are a little more health conscious than me, I knew that I needed to branch out and bake more things for other people, so I decided to do it again! Yes, this is my master plan. It still might not be amazing. Oh and please hold while I show off my boxes, I’ll put the little flyers below, and the link to order if you’re interested is HERE

OKAY, this is not supposed to be an ad for my treat boxes. This will actually only be the third time I ever make things for money (my bake sale and the first time I made treat boxes) and I’m still debating if I should consider YVB a buisiness or not because it’s so small. In the future, I’d love to sell my stuff so much more, but I also really love content creating and Instagram baking, so I don’t want to get rid of blogging and Instagramming for a buisiness. Also, my mom had the idea of a subscription box type thing where every month I made a few things, and that might be something I try in 2023, if high school doesn’t take everything else over. All I know is that as long as I’m baking, I’m good, and selling is mostly for times like these where I clearly am baking too much. For now, I wouldn’t call this a buisiness because that word puts too much stress on everything.

Besides that, the second part of my plan to get a ton of bakes done also has to do with my amazing mom, because she is having a party for the release of her fourth (and final, it’s a series) book, and I get to bake some things for that too. So if I make about 3 things then, 3 things for the boxes, and 4 things before then, I’ll get up to 20! And yes, there’d still be a lot to go, but I am guessing that I’ll (probably) be able to do it. Something about these unrealistic giant goals makes it so fun to push myself to get to them.

Alright this will be the end of yet another long and probably boring blogpost! I really want to get back into recipe developing soon, so my posts aren’t just long talks like this, I did have an idea for my summer recipe back in the fall, but it involves peaches, and I have to wait a little while to actually test it at a time when there are lots of peaches available, so it’ll come out at some point in August, but hopefully some new recipes will come before then. If you read this entire way and aren’t me, thank you so so much. See you next time!!

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